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"USB Not Formatted" is an error message which is generated when your USB drive gets corrupted. When you encounter this type of error message, then it will make your USB drive inaccessible and would not allow you to access your valuable data until and unless you format the drive. Now, if you follow the error message and format the USB drive, then all the data stored in it will be lost and you may face severe data disaster. Don't worry!!! Thanks to advanced technology that developed utilities, which helps you to get back lost files from unformatted drive. You are facilitated here with one of the most powerful and advanced tool i.e. USB unformat software that assist you in performing USB not formatted recovery and retrieve lost files within a matter of time. This effective recovery program is equipped with essential data recovery modules which helps you to perform unformatted USB drive recovery with complete folder hierarchy. There are many features, which makes this software to stay ahead from its competitors.

USB not Formatted
  • Safe and secure tool tfor unformatted USB drive recovery
  • Provides hassle free recovery from severe data loss scenarios
  • Packed with strong and effective recovery algorithms
  • Capable of retrieving data from almost all brands of USB drives

How to recover USB drive after not formatted error???

USB not formatted error may occur due to malware infection from computer or internet, USB drive crash, USB file system errors, etc. which makes the drive inaccessible causing data loss. People often end up with USB not formatted errors and think that their data is gone forever and can’t be recovered back. Actually, this misconception is totally wrong. By making use of USB unformat tool, USB not formatted recovery is very simple. You can recover USB drive after not formatted error using this software with utmost ease and accuracy. Software is loaded with smart scanning algorithms for unformatted USB drive recovery using unique file signature. The tool works well with Windows as well as Mac operating system computers. Just go ahead and browse around this site to read more about unformatted USB recovery.

Software to Retrieve Files from Unformatted USB Drive…!!

Whenever you connect your USB drive on computer, a window pops with a message propagating that “Unformatted USB Drive, do you want to format it”. This situation occurs due to corruption of USB drive by means of virus attack, improper ejection of USB drive, connecting USB drives on unsecured computers in cyber cafe, etc. by which the drive becomes inaccessible. Due to this inaccessibility, you will not be able to access any of the data present on the drive hence facing severe data loss condition. Don’t be panic stricken!!! As we have USB unformat software, the best and most reliable software that efficiently completes USB not formatted recovery and helps in restoring files from unformatted USB drives. This application is created with simple interactive interface that can be employed even by non technical user.

Western Digital USB Not Formatted Error Recovery…!!

Western Digital is the most preferred external storage drive that is employed by many users across the globe to store their valuable files. It is commonly referred to as WD USB drive as they can be used on various devices such as computers, laptops, digital camcorders, Tablets, Notebooks, etc. by means of USB port. Hence the name Western Digital USB Drive. What if your WD USB drive gets corrupted because of some reasons and makes you to face error message “Western Digital USB drive not formatted, do you wish to format it” resulting in inaccessibility of WD USB drive. The single solution for all such erroneous codes is USB unformat tool which executes not formatted USB recovery and helps you to restore data from not formatted WD USB drive. Click over this link to know more about not formatted USB recovery of Western Digital.

Unformatted USB drive recovery on Windows 7…!!

How do you feel, if you USB drive refuses its access on your Windows 7 computer and generates USB not formatted error? Since, the drive will be loaded with important files, loss of which cannot be explained. No one desires to happen such type of crisis with them, but there are certain worst scenarios, in which unexpected traumatize occur, by means of USB drive not formatted errors. Generation of such errors clearly means that your USB drive is corrupted. Even corrupted USB drive cannot take away your valuable data. You can carry out USB unformatted error recovery on Windows 7 computers by using USB not formatted software that too within few simple mouse clicks. It also supports USB not formatted recovery on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 8 operating system based machines.

Recent Updates:

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Iomega External Hard Drive Needs Formatting: Are you unable to access your data from Iomega external hard drive just because it is showing error like Iomega Hard drive needs formatting? If so, then do not worry there is a tool which is famous UBS Not Formatted that can easily assist you on how to restore data from formatted or not formatted Iomega external HDD. To know further, about this tool, visit here:

Guidelines to Recover USB Drive after not Formatted Error:

First get the demo version of this software and install it on the hard disk of your computer. Connect unformatted USB drive to the system to recover USB not formatted. Then, double click on the desktop icon to run the application.

Step1: After launching the tool, from the main screen select “Recover Drives” option to recover USB not formatted drive as in Figure 1.

USB Not Formatted - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step2: Now, choose the USB drive from which the data needs to be restored and click on “Proceed” button as shown in Figure 2.

USB Not Formatted - Select USB Drive

Figure 2: Select USB Drive

Step3: Once done with the USB not formatted recovery, you will be able to view the restored files as shown in Figure 3. In case you are satisfied with the results, you can save the retrieved files by purchasing the full version of the tool.

USB Not Formatted - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files

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