USB Not Formatted Error Recovery on Windows 7

  • The excellent utility that restores data from USB not formatted error
  • Makes the users to easily extract data in simple clicks
  • Supports recovery from various brands of USB drives, internal drives, external HDD, SSD etc.
  • Can be implemented on any edition of Windows OS



The "USB not Formatted" is an error message which you may encounter when your USB drive is facing any sort of corruption issues. In the event you come across such an error message, then it clearly means that your USB external storage drive is being corrupted. Due to which, all the data which is residing inside your USB drive is now inaccessible causing the data loss. Let us have a clear picture of how this "USB not Formatted" error gets generated and makes your vital data unreadable.

Suppose you connected your USB drive to your computer running with Windows 7 operating system and when you attempted to access the files, an automatic error message “USB drive not formatted, Do you like to format now?” was displayed with options to format the drive. Now, if you go with the error message and click yes to format the USB drive, then the stored data will be lost. There are many users, who opt for formatting and end up losing their data as they might be unaware of carrying out USB unformatted error restore on Windows 7. Well, there is an efficient way to fix such unformatted USB drive error and execute USB not formatted error recovery on Windows 7 based system.

That is the most suitable and reliable way is to use the third-party USB drive recovery software. USB unformat software is one such best application that can perform USB not formatted error recovery on Windows 7 operating system computers and helps you out to retrieve entire data lost because of this USB drive not formatted error.

Similar USB format errors that you may face while accessing USB disk drive on Windows 7 computer are as follows:

  1. Windows refuses to format USB drive or access the files stored in it.
  2. Generation of error code “The USB Drive is not initialized”.
  3. USB drive keeps out saying that “There is no disk in the drive. Insert the disk and try again”.
  4. The USB drive is inaccessible.
  5. There was a problem starting _WZC.nil. Access is denied.

All these error messages get generated if your USB drive is corrupted. There could be several of reasons that are accountable for the corruption of USB drive, improper removal of USB drive from the computer during the file transfer process, virus invasion, USB file system error and many other reasons among which some may be known and other remains unknown. After encountering such error messages, need not go for formatting your USB drive immediately. This is because the formatting process changes the data structure by creating a new file system for saving newly added files. So, it is better to employ our USB unformat software that can carry out unformatted USB drive file recovery and helps you to achieve USB Unformatted error restore on Windows 7 based machines at your fingertips.

USB unformat tool is the most fascinating software that effectively performs Windows 7 USB not formatted error recovery and recovers data residing in it. The tool not only supports the recovery of data from Windows 7 OS, but it also works well with other Windows OS versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10 and earlier versions of Windows operating system. This application can even restore data from Seagate, GoFlex, Lexar, Western digital USB drive not formatted error easily and quickly just within a couple of minutes. In case, you want to know more about WD Unformatted USB drive error, then have a peek at the given website

How Windows 7 USB not formatted error recovery is performed?

Step1: Download the Unformat tool on your computer. Connect the unformatted USB drive to the Windows system and launch the application. Now, from the main screen choose “Recover Drives” option as depicted in Figure 1.

USB Not Formatted Error Recovery on Windows 7 - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step2: Now, the software starts scanning the system and displays all the drives present on the computer. Select your USB drive and click “Proceed” button that starts USB not formatted error recovery as depicted in Figure 2.

USB Not Formatted Error Recovery on Windows 7 - Select USB Drive

Figure 2: Select USB Drive

Step3: When the recovery process gets completed, you can preview the recovered drive data as depicted in Figure 3.

USB Not Formatted Error Recovery on Windows 7 - Preview Screen

Figure 3: Preview Screen

Then, you can save the retrieved files on the desired location as depicted in Figure 4. But, to save the recovered data you have to purchase the complete software.

USB Not Formatted Error Recovery on Windows 7 - Save Restored Data

Figure 4: Save Restored Data